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5 Ways to Use Gerber Crib Pads

5 Ways to Use Gerber Crib Pads

Our Multi-Purpose Pads are more than just typical crib pads. This 27" x 36" soft, fleecy fabric is machine washable—AKA it’s mess-friendly. After talking with some resident mamas, here are our top ways to use this protector pad.

1. Potty Training

Beginning the journey of potty training? Go ahead and order a pack of these pads to place under your little one’s crib sheet or bed sheet for those anticipated accidents. For a survival guide to potty training, read our blog here.

2. Diaper Changes On-the-Go

Whether you’re camping or traveling on the road, be prepared to change a diaper anywhere by laying down one of these pads.

3. Place Mat

Even the messiest eaters cannot get passed this pad. #ProTip: Try cutting the pad in half to fit the designated spot!

4. Puppy Pad

New fur baby? Set these pads down as washable, reusable puppy pads! Not only will this save you some money, but it’s also a more sustainable choice.

5. Tummy Time Pad

Tummy time is on every newborns’ daily schedule. Try using our multi-purpose pad for a soft alternative.

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