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5 Peaceful Parenting Mantras for 2022

5 Peaceful Parenting Mantras for 2022
Father and young child, asleep cuddling in a chair

To say the past few years have been stressful is quite the understatement. Living through a pandemic in any circumstance is difficult but parenting on top of that adds an extra layer of worry. We’ve gathered up our favorite mantras for when we’re feeling frazzled to ring in 2022.

1. I am doing my best.

Never forget to give yourself credit! Of course, you make mistakes, but so does every other great parent out there. Instead of dwelling on those mistakes, try finding gratitude in the moments you’re proud of and feel confident you’ll do better next time.

2. I am not alone.

Although it may feel like it sometimes, you are never alone! Reach out to family members, friends or even your favorite online spaces when you’re feeling tried and despaired. Feeling alone is something every parent experiences from time to time, and within that shared experience we can build a foundation for connection.

3. This too shall pass.

Parenting advice as old as time. Whether you’re expecting, parenting little ones, or parenting a full house, challenges will rise! Sometimes a little reminder that the sun will shine again is all you need to part the clouds of a trying situation.

 4. Calm is contagious.

Before you react, remember, calm is contagious. If you respond to your child’s tantrums with anger and frustration, the situation is almost guaranteed to escalate. Take a moment to pause and breathe before you react in order to connect with your inner calm and to better understand your child’s emotions.

 5. “Build bridges, not walls.”

This MLK Jr. quote reminds us to connect with our children and to let them in. Expressing our own emotions to our children in a calm manner not only teaches them healthy communication, but creates a relationship built on trust and mutual respect. If we replace, “because I said so,” with open dialogue, we will reap the benefits of open communication for years to come.

What are your favorite parenting mantras that keep you calm and cool? Be sure to tag us in all your favorite family posts as we ring in 2022!