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3 Helpful Tips: What Should a Toddler Wear to Bed? 

3 Helpful Tips: What Should a Toddler Wear to Bed? 

When you first bring your baby home, they will wear cozy clothing for most of the day. To make things easy, the same garments can also be worn for sleep. Your child’s outfits may include everything from swaddle blankets to footed pajamas. 

Eventually, your infant will make the transition to toddler. As they gain new skills and independence, it can be challenging to decide how to dress them for a restful night. Not to worry! If you are wondering what a toddler should wear to bed, we have you covered. The following tips will help you transition from baby sleepwear to toddler clothing. After reading this guide, you will be able to choose the right toddler pajamas to keep your little one cozy and comfortable throughout the night, all while encouraging quality rest. When you are done, you will be ready to shop. 

Gerber Childrenswear - Cotton Footed Pajamas for Toddler

1. Choose the Right Clothing  

Your toddler is much more aware of their surroundings than when they were a baby. At the same time, they are susceptible to nighttime temperature changes. Whether they get too hot or cold, they will still need you to adjust the temperature of the room—or their clothing. 

Choosing the right pajama material can help keep your toddler comfortable and asleep. The best way to decide what your little one should wear is to consider your home, as well as the season. If it is chilly outside or otherwise cooler indoors, consider dressing your child in pajamas and blankets made of wool, fleece or thermal blends. Each one of these cold weather fabrics is made of moisture-wicking material, which will help to prevent shivering from sweating. When it is warmer outside, garments constructed from cotton or muslin will keep your child from getting too hot. These materials also work to prevent sweating and chafing. 

Gerber Childrenswear - Toddler Sleepwear

2. Try a Blanket 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children can have blankets in the crib once they reach their first birthday. If your toddler still uses a wearable blanket, now may be a good time to transition to a regular one. Blankets are the perfect birthday gift or holiday present for small children. No matter the occasion, they are sure to be delighted by their colorful, cozy new item. 

Fleece and thermal blankets are available for chilly fall and winter nights. When it is warmer outside, choose cotton or muslin. These lighter materials are ideal for staying comfortable in the spring and summer. Pair this covering with clothing like socks and pajama pants to keep legs and feet warm. 


3. Pick the Right Outfits 

There are some differences between toddler and newborn clothing. However, you can still use much of the clothing styles you liked when your child was younger. Bodysuits are still popular in the toddler years. Long sleeve and short sleeve styles are available in 12M-24M sizes. Since you are not using a swaddle, consider pairing the garment with pants, socks and a blanket. 

Other ideas include pajama outfit sets with a matching top and bottom. It does not matter whether you prefer shorts, long sleeve shirts, tees or pajama pants. You can find a combination that works for every child and season. Sleepers with feet are still available for toddlers who need to stay cozy in cold weather. Convenient zippers make dressing and diaper changes easy. The simple design even makes it possible for your older toddler to use a combination of training pants and the potty at night. 

Gerber Childrenswear - Toddler Sleepwear

Keeping Your Toddler Comfy at Night 

Every toddler is unique. Some children like to stay warm and cozy at night, while others do not like any blankets on their feet. Try to be flexible with your little one’s style and personality. There are plenty of styles of pajamas to keep your boy or girl comfortable and at peace while they sleep. 

In addition to finding the right clothing, there are other ways to make bedtime easier for parents. Learning how to transition from crib to bed will help everyone in the family get more sleep. If your toddler is a light sleeper, it may also be a good idea to continue using the baby sound machine. Combine different strategies to find the sleep routine that works best for your family. After all, a toddler who sleeps peacefully makes for a happy, healthy household.