Baby Boy

Baby Boy and Newborn Clothing

Gerber Childrenswear offers a wide variety of clothing for your new baby boy. From the time he comes home from the hospital to the time he begins learning his first words, Gerber is there to help.

We offer an amazing and inexpensive clothing line for your bundle of joy. Get your boy ready to play in any weather with our popular Gerber Onesies bodysuits and playwear. The popular Gerber Onesies bodysuits are available in long and short sleeves, making it perfect to easily plan out your baby boy's outfit for the day. Our wide range of playwear includes everything from individual clothing that you have the option to mix and match, to outfits that are already matched for you. This playwear encompasses short and long sleeve shirts, pants, and shorts. Additionally, you have the option to accessorize him with our variety of booties, socks, mittens and caps.

During feeding time, get him equipped with Gerber burp cloths and bibs.

Once your baby boy is worn out for the day, Gerber has everything you will need for night time. Soothe his perfect skin with our wash clothes during bath-time and gently dry him with one of our many selections of hooded towels.  Next, get him nice and warm in his sleepwear along with his favorite receiving blanket. You can choose from a couple different types of sleepwear. For easy diaper changing during the night, choose from our lap shoulder gowns which are completely open at the bottom. If you like your baby to have a little more clothing during the night, choose from our blanket sleepers. These are designed with built in footies to keep your baby boy's sweet feet warm during the night. Additionally they have a zipper opening which makes diaper changing so easy.


Baby Boy Clothes for All Stages

If you are working on potty training, our two piece PJ's will be perfect for your growing boy. These two pieces offer shirts and pants, making it easy for your boy to learn how to pull his own pants up and down. In addition to our sleepwear, we also offer secure, safe sleep swaddles. This clothing is specifically made to wrap your new baby in a swaddle-like position that will make him feel safe and sound during his sleep.

Our designs and color choices are perfect for your baby boy. We offer everything from solid colors to coordinating designs. Some of the colors available to you include blue, green, and many more. Some designs include stripes, animals, firetrucks and many more.